Program “Abrazos”

Program “Abrazos” is an ongoing program in Colombia since 2015 (currently 40 children), and also in Venezuela since 2019 (120 children). This program covers basic assistance – food, clothes, school supplies, medical access. Additionally, program covers recreational and educational events every 6 months (Christmas and summer holidays events and trips)

Late-stage nursing home care Program

Late-stage nursing home care Program Program is focused on providing home visits for late-stage, bedridden patients, via a nursing team trained in HD care.

Telemedicine & Emergency assistance Program

Emergency program for families located in difficult to access locations. Includes telemedicine consultations with HDspecialists as well as provision for emergency transport to hospital centers if needed

New donations reaching families in El Dificl and San Angel, Colombia, via Funcovulc

Our work keeps progressing, albeit slowly, to assist impoverished families in Colombia and Venezuela. With the help of several small donations from pharmaceutical and biotech companies working in the field of HD, we were able to gather some resources to finalize our aid programs in 2016. Thank you to those organizations who have helped Factor-H. […]

Final delivery of donations for AcolpEH in 2016

Janeth Mosquera and her team at AcolpEH work tirelessly for the benefit of the families living wiht HD in Bogota, Medellin and Choco, among other regions of Colombia.Factor-H has been working with AcolpEH for over 3 years now. One of the programs we started a couple of years ago was a donations program, which this […]

New article about Colombia and Factor-H in the Lancet Neurology

Dara Mohammadi just wrote a final piece from the trip we took together to Colombia in April 2016. You can find the pdf of the article here: HD Colombia Lancet Also read about Enroll-HD efforts here: Please note that even though efforts to initiate Enroll-HD are underway in Colombia, the project has been running […]

Start of ‘Proyecto Abrazos’ – The Children’s Project

Sábanas de San Angel – this past April. We pulled in with Fermín’s car loaded with food, hammocks, and clothes. The scenery was arid – this region has suffered from a profound drought for a while now, and everything is dried up. The Cañahuate trees the only bright color amidst fields of dust and ochres. […]

Colombia April 2016 – Part 3: Stories from Juan de Acosta

After our excursion into San Angel and Santa Marta, we drove to Barranquilla, where I gave a lecture at the local University, to some graduate students in psychology. For the first time since I started to visit Huntington’s communities, I was getting a sense that more young professionals and students were interested in learning, both […]