New campaign to sponsor kids growing up in needy HD families in Colombia

Today we started a new campaign to help children living with HD in Colombia. see attached link please and spread the word! to Donate, please click here for Project Abrazos for HD also see an explanation of the program. Thank you and I hope that together we can help these children grow up with a […]

Brenda’s story

Brenda’s Story – as told by Claudia Perandones from Buenos Aires, Argentina   I have a patient, called Daniel L., with Huntington’s disease, who is in a delicate condition because he can no longer move by himself and has to be fed by means of a gastrostomy tube. Daniel has a daughter, called Brenda, 13 […]

Factor-H in the Argentinian news…

Please read the article below, when we launched Factor-H in Argentina… article featuring Ignacio  Munoz-Sanjuan, Claudia Perandones, and Charles Sabine (an HD carrier), published in the Clarin newspaper following an interview in Buenos Aires. Clarin Article  

Factor_H launches in Mendoza, Argentina

Official launch event for Factor-H in Mendoza, Argentina The official launch of Factor_H took place in the Sheraton hotel in Mendoza, Argentina, on October 12, 2012. The event included a seminar by Charles Sabine (see links here for youtube videos of his HD seminars; link), a friend and collaborator who flew from London to help […]