New campaign to sponsor kids growing up in needy HD families in Colombia

Today we started a new campaign to help children living with HD in Colombia. see attached link please and spread the word! to Donate, please click here for Project Abrazos for HD also see an explanation of the program. Thank you and I hope that together we can help these children grow up with a […]

Visit to Cetram and the day care center in Santiago, Chile

Claudia and I just returned from a wonderful trip to Santiago de Chile. We spoke about our work in Enroll-HD (together with Cristina Sampaio and Joe Giuliano from CHDI and Bernhard Landwehrmeyer from Ulm) and the current therapeutic strategies. Cetram is a wonderful center for movement disorders, headed by Dr. Pedro Chana. Right now, Cetram […]

New center opens in Santiago!

Dear all- today marks a historic day in the solidarity with the patients and their families in Chile and in all of Latinamerica- the Chilean HD association together with its collaborators have inugurated a center for the care of people affected with HD. Claudia Perandones attended the opening ceremony in Santiago. Rodrigo Osorio, the president […]