In memory of our beloved Maria Fernanda Soto Santris

The entire Factor-H team and families in the Abrazos Program mourn the passing of our beloved Maria Fernanda Soto Santris, 16, part of our HD community in Colombia. The second of three sisters, Maria Fernanda belonged to the Abrazos Program (at-risk for HD kids) for 4 years and had recently left it because of her […]

In Solidarity and Gratitude

Helping in the time of COVID-19 We all know that the most vulnerable sectors of any society are always the worst hit in times of crisis. The arrival of the novel coronavirus has isolated our communities even further. The most vulnerable sectors of any society are always the worst-hot in times of crisis. The governments of both […]

Project Abrazos completes 5 years bringing hope to kids at risk for HD

The project ‘Abrazos’ (Hugs) started in 2015 and it aims to provide donations for children in Colombia and Venezuela living in families affected by HD and in extreme poverty conditions. Their family situation is dire and many of the kids have been abandoned by one of their parents. Often times, the mothers are early-stage HD […]


The image above has become symbolic for me. During my second visit to San Angel, a rural area in the State of Magdalena in Colombia, I visited a few families dispersed in the countryside, isolated from the rest of the world, a countryside that hides many patients away from aid, and from shame. This area […]


Dilia Oviedo Oviedo is 79 years old.¬† She had 12 children. One was stillborn. Of the 11 children that survived to adulthood, 4 already died from Huntington’s disease. 4 more are currently sick with HD, 2 in late manifest disease. Her husband died in the early 90s, and now a future generation is beginning to […]


I met Roberto and his family when I visited them in April in Juan de Acosta, in the Atl√°ntico State of the Colombian Caribbean coast. Juan de Acosta was considered the second largest HD cluster in the world, although many affected families have left the town in the recent years. We visited his family as […]

Colombia April 2016 – Part 3: Stories from Juan de Acosta

Barranquilla is close to Juan de Acosta, the second largest cluster of HD patients in the world (to our knowledge). The prevalence was reported quite a few years ago by Dr. Daza in one of the few published works describing the prevalence of HD in Colombia. I had met Dr. Daza in 2013 when I […]

Colombia Trip April 2016 – Part 2

When we finally got our flight to Bogota from Quibdo, it was late at night. the plane was delayed and we did not take off until after 9pm. we landed around 11pm and we had to be back at the airport at 8am for the flight to Santa Marta. At the beginning of the trip, […]

Choco, Colombia, April 11-12. PART 1 of our Colombian Visit

Our first leg of the trip to see HD families took us to a place I had never been before. Choco is an area of Colombia bordering Panama on the North and the Amazonian region in the South. Choco has borders with both the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans, and is one of the wettest […]