Reflections on instilling a sense of hope

Brayan now at 13, photographed by Vladimir Marcano in 2019 What is the difference between having no hope and having hope? Meet Brayan, a 13-year old boy I met when visiting the town of Barranquitas, in Venezuela, in December 2018, the last time I was able to visit. This town is a forsaken, isolated village […]

A reflection based on a poem by Clint Smith

I Just listened to a TED radio podcast with poet and author Clint Smith, reflecting upon the current circumstances which evidence systemic oppression and violence against black Americans. We have all felt horror, frustration and fear in waves during the last few days. It is impossible for most of us, who did not grow up […]

New campaign to sponsor kids growing up in needy HD families in Colombia

Today we started a new campaign to help children living with HD in Colombia. see attached link please and spread the word! to Donate, please click here for Project Abrazos for HD also see an explanation of the program. Thank you and I hope that together we can help these children grow up with a […]

Venezuelan communities in Maracaibo need HELP

The situation in Venezuela is dire. Our local physicians are leaving the country if they can, as it is becoming increasingly difficult to live there. They cannot provide medications for their patients. Getting basic amenities and food is getting harder. The situation in Maracaibo is frankly terrible – I have been told that in Barranquitas, […]

Factor-H delivers clothes to San Luis neighborhood in Maracaibo, Venezuela

Last week, Claudia and I from Factor-H, together with the Venezuelan physicians and patient association (Avehun), we spent a day visiting the neighborhood of San Luis, outside Maracaibo. We hand-delivered clothes donated by our US friends and colleagues, to about 50 people living with HD in their families. It was a day where at least […]

Barranquitas, Maracaibo

Population: 6.264 in census – Regional Health System. 76  HD families identified, 13 families with more than 1 member affected (total current HD manifest individuals = 98). A full census is ongoing through local patient association (Avenhun Zulia). estimated prevalence for at-risk individuals is 1-5% of the total population. Needs: Housing Local hospice for general […]

Barrio San Luis, Maracaibo

Barrio San Luis is a neighborhood in Maracaibo, Zulia. Of approximately 3100 people living here, 700 are at risk (23%). The prevalence is estimated to be extremely high, perhaps reaching 10% of all people living in this small and confined area near the city of Maracaibo. During our February/March 2013 visit we met with local […]

Venezuela Areas

Venezuela remains the country with the highest density of HD in a single location, in and around lake Maracaibo, in the province of Zulia. Factor-H is committed to helping the Venezuelan HD affected communities. The main communities in Venezuela with active Factor-H efforts are in Caracas, and in the Zulia communities of Barrio San Luis […]