New member of Factor-H in Peru!

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David Cassidy is the newest recruit to helping with Factor-H in Latin America. Originally from Ireland, Dave has been living in Peru for nearly 10 years. He runs fun and social backpacker hostels for the independent traveller in Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. His youth hostal company is called Loki hostels (
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David’s partner (Suzie) tested positive for the gene for HD but is yet to become symptomatic. Suzie is originally from Australia and will soon be residing in Peru as well, where she will help with the Factor-H projects there. Dave has been active regarding his own neurological condition, Epilepsy,  and underwent right temporal lobe surgery. They are both very passionate about helping the affected communities in Latin America. Both are very active in the international HD community as well, taking part in the TRACK HD study for the past 5 years. They both attend world congresses and are looking forward to helping FactorH achieve its goals. Please welcome them to our mission!



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